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About Us

Decades of experience and a passion for optometry and optics, learn about the minds behind AAOO.

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Mission Statement

“To redefine the state of advanced ophthalmic optics education delivery in Australia in order to be commensurate with industry world leaders.”

The ophthalmic industry in Australia has seen tremendous change over the last two decades. Education for optical professionals has changed both in content and delivery modes, this is why we have created AAOO.

AAOO strives to provide optical professionals, optometrists and optical dispensers with the tools to help them grow as professionals beyond their graduation.

Our continuing professional development and mentorship programs take your qualifications and provide depth and context for the needs of all ophthalmic professionals.

Flexible working environments make use of familiar Moodle platforms that most professionals have used during their undergraduate years, making this a logical extension for professional growth.

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