Stephen Daly

Optometrist and practice owner of Stephen Daly Optometrist

"Very detailed, well structured course with immediate use in patient care. Enjoyed it a lot!"


Dina Anastas

Optical Technician, Practice Manager & Partner of Harris Blake & Parsons Optometrists

“Anyone thinking of doing this course should do it. Highly recommended it as it is very technical and really needed me to go back and do calculations I haven't done for many years. Really worth it especially when using customised lenses.”


Peter Nixon

Optometrist and practice owner of Pezzimenti Nixon Optometrists

“A fantastic course to take your knowledge of optics and how lenses work to the next level. It has enabled us to better help our patients. Grant and Thao certainly demonstrated they are leaders in this area. I recommend it to any Optometrist or Dispenser wanting to further themselves.” 


Kristy Burney

Practice manager/optical dispenser/director of Swan Hill Optical

“Sometimes it was above my head as I’m only a dispenser but I found so many pearls of wisdom that we have implemented in our practice and have already improved the way we can assist and teach our patients. This course was just what we needed to raise our practice to the next level. Thank you!”


Malcolm Gin

Optometrist and practice owner of Eyes and Optics

“I found the course particularly useful. Often as an optometrist I spend most of my CPD on clinical aspects in the consult room whereas the end product is equally as important.” 


Simon Routson

Optometrist and practice owner of Penry Routson Optometrists

“I found the course provided me with a much better knowledge base to more confidently prescribe lenses, and feel much better equipped to troubleshoot. We have fabulously advanced optics available to us, and this course has allowed me to better understand and utilise the range of products available to us.”


Richard Watt

Optometrist and practice owner of Richard Watt Optometrists

“The AOO program has enhanced my lens trouble-shooting skills and helped me to spot potential problem areas with complicated prescriptions before ordering. I have happier, more educated patients, fewer remakes and I can handle problem patients with more skill and more confidence.”


Nicola Peaper 

Optometrist and Professional Services Manager of Rodenstock Australia

“Although my work role is to discuss lens designs and technologies it had been over thirty years since I engaged in any formal lens education. The reason I chose to engage with AAOO was to increase my understanding of modern technologies without the marketing spiel that often can accompany manufacturing education. 

The format of online modules, with recommended additional reading, worked smoothly and the content was excellent. The weekly online meetings meant that any problems or queries were addressed straight away and the group input was valuable. Both Grant and Thao were available for questions and help during and after the completion of the course and the ongoing help is invaluable. 

I would readily recommend AAOO education for any optometrist seeking to improve their understanding of modern lens design and keep up with the constant development.”