What is the program?

This certificate program consists of 5 short courses over an 10-month period with each course being 6 weeks with 30 hours of learning. Each course may also be done on their own as a standalone unit.

Who is it for?

This certificate program is for anyone working within the optical/optometry practice environment from newcomers to university vision science graduates.

Why choose this program?

This certificate program will prepare the support team member to assist optometrists by practising optical dispensing, administration management and instrumentation support.


Advanced Ophthalmic Practice 1 – Optics Core Concepts

Enrolment deadline: 19th January 2025

Duration: 3rd February-16th March 2025

Advanced Ophthalmic Practice 2 – Advanced Dispensing

Enrolment deadline: 16th March 2025

Duration: 31st March-11th May 2025

Advanced Ophthalmic Practice 3 – Practice Management

Enrolment deadline: 2nd May 2025

Duration: 19th May-29th June 2025

Advanced Ophthalmic Practice 4 – Visual Conditions & Interventions

Enrolment deadline: 3rd August 2025

Duration: 18th August-28th September 2025

Advanced Ophthalmic Practice 5 – Contact Lenses & Sub-Specialities

Enrolment deadline: 28th September 2025

Duration: 13th October-23rd November 2025