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Grant Hannaford are I are delighted to announce that AAOO have aligned with ProVision Eyecare to deliver the Advanced Ophthalmic Optics 1 (AOO1) Mentorship Program to members of ProVision in 2020. We both have long term goals of equipping optometrists and ophthalmic/optical professionals with the skills and knowledge to provide better patient outcomes and improve practice performances in the current market.

The AOO1 program is developed independently by Grant and myself, drawing from the latest research in the fields of ophthalmic optics and optometry. This has resulted in a unique offering in the field of professional development for ophthalmic practitioners as the content is not available from other education or consultancy providers around the world. We also own and run a full-time optometry practice so we know exactly what it is like to practise at the coalface.

Since AAOO was launched 18 months ago, we have found the most effective way to implement skills and knowledge learnt throughout the AOO1 course is via mentorship as it allows information to be placed into context for everyday practice. The modules can be done on their own or as a part of the mentorship program and will be available to both optometrists and ophthalmic/optical professionals anywhere in the world. In addition to this, AAOO will be releasing an app to help practitioners solve ophthalmic optics cases for their patients in 2020. The app content is not available anywhere else and uses Grant’s own mathematical techniques .

ProVision members would have already received communication in regard to this program. We are currently doing the mentorship program for the value of the course modules alone for ProVision members in the 2020 cohort. The program begins Monday 17th February with weekly online tutorials and the final seminar/workshop held at the ProVision offices in Mulgrave on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of May. The seminar component has been accredited with up to 36 CPD points for optometrists by the Optometry Board of Australia. I am in the process of applying for CPD accreditation for the online modules. For further information about AAOO  please contact Grant at grant@aaoo.net.au and for registration information please contact myself at thao@aaoo.net.au 

Join the revolution! Thao Hannaford

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