AAOO At Rodenstock HQ Munich

“Defective sight is not a disease and can be overcome when the system of vision is fully understood”

-Josef Rodenstock 1846-1932

Grant and Thao Hannaford were at Rodenstock headquarters in Munich recently. They had the opportunity to learn about the DNEye and how it, combined with the Impressionist and skilled optometrists, will produce the perfect lens for each individual patient. This is a major breakthrough considering the Gullstrand eye has been the basis for ophthalmics for the past 109 years. Now this clinical technology is allowing truly individualised parameterisation of ophthalmic solutions for patients by taking into consideration biometric data of the individual eye. So rather than using averages, it is now possible to make a lens which is optimised for each patient’s visual system resulting in the best vision possible.

We had a fantastic discussion with the research and development team and were able to talk at the advanced level required to fully understand the benefits of the DNEye and its application towards ophthalmic lens solutions for patients. It is this standard of conversation we at AAOO wish to impart upon practitioners so they may also be able to benefit from understanding what there is on offer in lens technology. If you understand the language and optics behind it all, you can then articulate the benefits to the patient so they in turn appreciate what is being prescribed.

Thank you to the following staff at Rodenstock HQ for sharing these new developments:
Johannes Borsch (operations manager)
Patrick Seitz (group product manager lenses)
Daria Evdokimova (project and product manager lenses)
Yohann Benard (research optometry optics)
Helmut Altheimer (research engineer optics senior principal)
Anne Seidemann (senior manager research optics)

It is an exciting time to be in optics!
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