Special Announcement

AAOO is delighted to be working with Rodenstock Australia to deliver the Advanced Ophthalmic Optics 1 mentorship program to their select clients in 2020. The goal of the program aligns with B.I.G. VISION, a paradigm shift where spectacle lenses are now in the sphere of optometric clinical practice. The goal is equipping practitioners with the knowledge and skills required to provide best patient outcomes. 

AAOO’s mission is:

“To redefine the state of advanced ophthalmic optics education delivery in Australia in order to be commensurate with industry world leaders.”

We work with industry, associations, educational institutions and practitioners to ensure patient care standards are of the highest in the world. For more information, please contact us at thao@aaoo.net.au

Click here to read about the recent Australian launch of B.I.G. VISION in Sydney.

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